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The Slutdorkgeeks of Alarming Inconsequence

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April 7th, 2004

12:42 am - Not likely, man. Not likely.
I've been waking up the last few days with sick on my face and the urge to be sick even more. Suffice to say, I've been quite ill and sleeping a lot (sleeping though vomiting fits, in fact), dreaming of nothing but silver chains and masturbation. This has caused me to become quite out of my regular thinking pattern. I'm not even entirely sure as to why I am posting the following conversation. Or mentioning that I've dreamed of nothing but chains and masturbation. Oh! I think there was a hamster in there, too.

PieMakesMeHappy: "It's well written, but it's really obvious and book four it'll be Ron/Hermione plus JK herself admitted R/Hr would get together." That was the dumbest review I ever got.
WeasleyOurKing: I remember that!
WeasleyOurKing: Damn, Ron and Hermione haven't even kissed on the mouth. Or been drunk together. Theirloveissononexistant.Continue ..?Collapse )

Ahaha. Ha.

PieMakesMeHappy: I want to hear about the silver chain and masturbation dreams.
WeasleyOurKing: Oh, I just dreamed a whole lot that I kept getting sent to my room with a chain to masturbate. I never did, and ended up at platform 9¾ where it was very muddy and wet. And there were arcade games.
PieMakesMeHappy: Was the chain supposed to be used for masturbatory purposes or was it just there?
WeasleyOurKing: Perhaps? I'm really not sure.
WeasleyOurKing: I never did anything, after all. I'm Pure from the side-effects of my medications, remember?
Current Mood: sicksick

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March 11th, 2004

12:47 am - Semenal bonding
PieMakesMeHappy: I need to find someone whom I can ask if semen smells like melted brie.
PieMakesMeHappy: Kightp says it does, but I've never smelt semen, so I don't know.
WeasleyOurKing: I could ask Jae
WeasleyOurKing: God, it's sad that I could ask him that without being ashamed.
PieMakesMeHappy: I always assumed it wouldn't really smell like anything...
WeasleyOurKing: It must have a smell! Cunt juice smells
WeasleyOurKing: And this shit is thicker and whatnot and has a flavour
PieMakesMeHappy: Yeah, but semen is different. It's like, internal and then comes out. Cunt juice kind of hangs around.
PieMakesMeHappy: Is it just me or do our conversations keep getting stranger?
WeasleyOurKing: It's called bonding, I think.
PieMakesMeHappy: How precious.
WeasleyOurKing: That randomly jumped from the window and into slutdorkgeek
PieMakesMeHappy: All on its own?
WeasleyOurKing: It ejaculated there
PieMakesMeHappy: I demand that those last three lines be added.
WeasleyOurKing: omgkwuteva.
Current Mood: touchedtouched

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November 18th, 2003

12:28 am - I eat the gayest bits for breakfast
WeasleyOurKing: http://britty.pink-undies.net/ Look. Brittany. Grade 10. Fifteen.
WeasleyOurKing: Why am I the only Brittany who doesn't suck?
PieMakesMeHappy: Crack Ho.
PieMakesMeHappy: Her, not you, obviously.
PieMakesMeHappy: ::comforting shag::
WeasleyOurKing: Ha! I'm two months older than you, whore! That's right!
PieMakesMeHappy: Beautician person.
WeasleyOurKing: I know that, but its stupid
PieMakesMeHappy: Lamest job in existance.
WeasleyOurKing: Ew, she has blue eyes and brown hair. Bite me.
PieMakesMeHappy: After Stay At Home Moo, which isnt' actually a job.
WeasleyOurKing: My name is Brittany Nicole. I am 15 years old and I was born on April 8, 1988 in Plattsburgh, New York. I am a sophomore at Beekmantown High School. When I graduate I hope to become a PROfessional Cosmetologist and maybe even be able to do Britney Spears hair/make-up one day. LoL as if :P. I have short and straight brown hair w/ bangs, blue eyes, 5'6, and I weigh about 148 lbs. Yes, I know I'm fat, oh well. I have my ears pierced 3 lobe, 3 cartilage, and 1 tragus. I have a mother and a father and 3 dogs. I am an only child so therefore I'm pretty much spoiled rotten and usually get whatever I want. Which is one of the great advantages of being the only child :D My future plan is to marry my future hubby, Matt and become rich and inherit millions and millions of dollars. Haha what a plan, eh? lol...
PieMakesMeHappy: She wants to do Britney's Spears' make up? That's really sad.
WeasleyOurKing: Your plan is 'FUCKEN GAY' says the boy in my PE and History classes who lacks a large vocabulary.
PieMakesMeHappy: Um. Thanks for making the rest of us only children look bad.
WeasleyOurKing: Ew ew ew. She's bisexual.
PieMakesMeHappy: Goddamnit, everyone is fucking bisexual.
WeasleyOurKing: Where are the fags and dykes? WHERE?
PieMakesMeHappy: I HATE IT WHEN LOSERS ARE BISEXUAL! Or more specifically, "bisexual" since they're TOTAL FUCKING BREEDERS!
PieMakesMeHappy: GAH!
PieMakesMeHappy: YES!
WeasleyOurKing: I'M SO ASHAMED.
PieMakesMeHappy: Or those bisexuals who are like "I am panantrhopolynecrosexual. I am above such petty things as gender. Sex is spiritual and a beautiful miracle."
WeasleyOurKing: Ew, she has a boyfriend.
PieMakesMeHappy: I'm like: "I like pussy AND/OR cock."
PieMakesMeHappy: Breeder.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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August 13th, 2003

09:17 pm - Hazel and Britt went to Mt. St. Helens!

I sold my soul to Canada.

Dude, like, lots of images behind the cuts. Not for the weak of modem.

Mt. St. Helens trip, Monday August 11thCollapse )
Hazel and Britt's trip to the zooCollapse )
Special Bonus Picture!Collapse )

Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

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August 10th, 2003

03:52 am - PXNK!!!@#^!$%!^# AVR1L LATRINE is HEROIC and PNX and .. like .. YEA!
Today we found like, the coolest tutorial ever!!! We followed it VERY closely and came up with an image that's like, SOOOO GOOD! Because we are so kewl, we even used a picture of Avril, just like Chantal did!! This is the amazingly pxnx0rz image we created!!!

PXNK DUDE!!!11Collapse )

Show us YOUR amazing creation with the AMAZING PUNK DOTS tutorial! Like, wow dude. Punk. Pxnk. Quack.
Current Mood: SO PXNKX0RZ!111
Current Music: He was a boy, she was a drag queen...

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August 2nd, 2003

01:30 am - Random Picture Post

Hazel and Harry share a special moment on the vibrating-massage chair. Hand-in-pants!Harry = Very Enjoyable.

Click here for a Magical Journey (TM)Collapse )
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: 'Remembering Laci'

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July 21st, 2003

03:03 am - Mutha-fucka
WeasleyOurKing: OW FUCK. I know this is absolutely revolting, but my pants just pinched my pubic hair and it HURTS like a MOTHERFUCKER.
PieMakesMeHappy: I'm sorry, but...LMAO
WeasleyOurKing: Its 3 AM, I don't care what I complain about.

Current Mood: in pain

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July 17th, 2003

02:13 am - Six Degrees of Virginity Separation
WeasleyOurKing: Jae has this cool theory on how to not lose your virginity. You have sex your first time with a virgin, and although you lose yours, you gain theirs. Like a trade. Then you just keep trading virginity. Its like a kidney transplant. Not the one you started out with, but you still technically have it.
PieMakesMeHappy: I like that.
WeasleyOurKing: If you have sex with that person again, you get it back and all's well. If you want to keep your original virginity, count in even numbers.
PieMakesMeHappy: They do always talk about virginity as something "given" and "taken". It makes sense you'd have it after you took it.
WeasleyOurKing: I mean, the only reason people lose their virginity is because they lose count, or have threesomes, and stuff.
WeasleyOurKing: Who wants to sit down and do math after a steamy threesome?
PieMakesMeHappy: But if you had a threesome with two virgins, you'd have TWO virginities. Of course, you'd have to fuck both of them again to get your original virginity back, because they'd each have half of yours.
WeasleyOurKing: But if they had sex with each other, you'd only get half of theirs (like they'd get half of yours), and their two halves would merge together leaving you with one virginity in the end.
PieMakesMeHappy: Are you sure? I think I might have to draw a diagram...
WeasleyOurKing: If they only had sex with you and not with each other, yeah, you'd get two, but they'd only be left with half a virginity. They'd have to have sex with somebody who has one and a half or more virginities to get the whole thing back.
PieMakesMeHappy: Ok, I see.
WeasleyOurKing: Or does it work like that? Is it like exchanging money? Like, if you had half a virginity and they had two, since you gave up half, you should only get half back.
WeasleyOurKing: It seems like kind of a ripoff to lose two virginities for the price of one
PieMakesMeHappy: Can virginities be invested? Like, could you put it in the stock market and if the economy is good, you'll have a million virginities?
WeasleyOurKing: And then have virginityless sex and then take it out when you were finished?
WeasleyOurKing: But that would be too easy. That would be having sex with a virgin and never trading at all.
PieMakesMeHappy: Or, if somebody else needed one, could you loan them yours? You'd probably want to wash it before you used it again though.
WeasleyOurKing: But getting it back would be difficult, because it may not have been yours if they traded and forgot to count by twos
PieMakesMeHappy: Oooh! Six Degrees of Virginity Separation!
WeasleyOurKing: I think they've lost it by now, to be honest.
SlutDorkGeek 0wnz j00.
Current Mood: pensivepensive

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